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Toast partnered with Vestwell, a retirement platform that powers more than one million savers and 30,000 small businesses across all 50 states.

Vestwell powers nearly one million savers and 25,000 small businesses across the country.


Exclusive pricing and plan options made for your business.



$49 / month

Best option for small restaurants (up to 10 FTEs) offering their first company 401(k) plan. Affordable, all-in price.


3(16) Fiduciary Administration

Exclusive payroll integration with Toast

Dedicated service teams

Streamlined administration

And more...

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$89 / month

Best option for midsized restaurants with up to 50 FTEs. Balance of flexibility and price.

Everything in Starter, plus:

Expert plan design consultation

More plan design flexibility

Additional eligibility options

And more...

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$119 / month

Best for restaurants with multiple locations, 50+ emeployees, or an existing plan.

Everything in Essentials, plus:

Hours-based eligibility

Most flexible plan design options

Optional match & profit sharing

Loans, in-service, and hardship withdrawals

And more...
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Tax credits can almost entirely offset the cost of a new 401(k) plan - up to $5,000/year plus an additional $500/year if the plan features auto-enrollment. Calculate cost ›
Your employees will be able to:
Start saving for retirement in less than five minutes

View their savings, investment strategy and fund breakdown in a few simple steps

Access support from a dedicated client success manager through phone and email

Explore a comprehensive digital help center with 401(k) educational articles and videos

Employee pricing

NOTE: This cost can be passed on to the employee.

$5 / month

For less than 17 cents a day, your employees can have a high quality retirement platform with a dedicated customer support manager.

As low as

.75% / year

Covers 401(k) services, including recordkeeping, custody, and investment management services.

Let's see your potential savings!

If you start a qualified retirement plan with auto-enrollment, you may qualify to earn more than $150,000 in tax credits over a three-year period.

Do you currently have a 401(k) plan?

What year was it started?

If the plan is more than five years old, it may not be eligible for tax credits. But you may still be eligible for a $500 auto-enrollment credit!

How many employees (including owners) were paid more than $5k in W-2 wages last year??

If there are more than 100 employees, only the auto-enrollment credit may be applied.

How many of those employees will earn more than $100k this year??

Please enter number equal to or less than your total employee count.

How many of those employees are classified as owners (as defined by the IRS)? ?

Who will pay the monthly employee fees??

Which plan type?

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

Total recordkeeping fees

   › Annual recordkeeping fees

   › Setup fee ?

   › Employee fee (optional)?

Total tax credits up to

 › Start-up credit ?

 › Auto-enrollment credit ?

 › Matching contributions* ?

Please note: this calculator is for illustration purposes only. It should not be construed as tax advice. Please consult a tax professional regarding specific tax needs. For further information please visit the IRS website. The tax credits available to your company may change based up on the number of HCEs. Also, the definition of HCE may change based on IRS rules.

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* Please note, this number does not take into account the total amount the employer would be contributing, just the possible tax credit they can receive. For example, if the average salary is $50,000 and there's a 3% match, that's a $1,500/yr contribution from the employer. If there's less than 50 employees, this tax credit would cover the first $1,000, leaving the employer with a $500 net contribution per employee.
We really wanted to provide our staff access to a quality, affordable 401(k) plan. Thanks to the integration between Toast and Vestwell, it couldn't have been easier.
Terry Ellis

why a 401(k)?

More savings for you. More savings for your employees.

401(k) plans allow business owners and employees to save nearly 3.5x more for retirement vs. an IRA program.* In 2023, employees can contribute up to $22,500 to their 401(k) plan ($30,000 for those older than 50), vs. $6,500 in an IRA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few key benefits:

* Recruitment and retention: Retirement benefits help attract and retain top talent - especially in 2022’s tight labor market. More than 3 in 4 (77 percent) working Americans rank retirement savings—such as 401(k) and pension plans—as one of the most important employer-sponsored financial wellness benefits.

* Tax advantages: Employer contributions are deductible on the employer’s federal income tax return, up to a certain amount. And if you’re starting a new 401k) plan, you may be eligible to receive up to $16,500 in tax credits over the first three years to offset the business expense of setting up your 401(k).
Vestwell is designed to support small businesses and trusted by financial professionals. We partner with financial advisors all over the country, power state government retirement programs, and partner with leading financial institutions that trust us with their retirement offering.

The same 401(k) platform that powers major establishments is available to you as a small business. With Vestwell, you get the best of both worlds: affordable price and top-tier quality.
Your small business may be eligible to receive up to $16,500 in tax credits over the first three years to offset the expenses needed to set up, administer, and educate employees about the plan. E-mail to find out how much you could save.

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